Sustainability / Trans-disciplinarity:

A concern for people and environments between confusing terminology and outdated approaches
Ashraf M. Salama, Ph.D.
Professor of Architecture

INTBAU: Sustainability / Trans-disciplinarity, A Concern for People and Environments between Confusing Terminology and Outdated Approaches

The proposed approach adopts the view that sustainability cannot be addressed as one subject; it includes different disciplines and issues requiring systemic thinking. A fuller understanding can be achieved by investigating the key issues simultaneously; not dealing with them separately each at a time. It is envisioned that this approach would include technology and engineering issues; organizational, human and management issues; functional, behavioral and cultural issues; financial issues; and urban and landscape issues. It is also believed that these issues should be integrated within a political, legislative, comprehensive process while learning from the past; the vernacular, the traditional, and the development practices that acquired meaning over time.


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